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1990-2010 20 years with Giant schnauzer!

My first giant schnauzer entered my home in 1990, a three year old black female. In 1991 the first pup was brought home and KORAD SUCh Lp Lp II Jobabb's Všnta (1991-2004) was also my first competition dog. The first p/s giant schnauzer entering our home were Lp SUCh Chevrolet's Sesam Pepperson (1992-1997)

My so far most successful dog has been Kirri, KORAD SCh NCh IntCh NW-99 NW-99 Lp I Sph II Zilwermix Wow I'm Wild (1994-2004). Kirri is the mother of Altibo's A and B litter.

The p/s giant schnauzer is a small breed in numbers and a co-operation with breeders in other countries a necessarity. I've imported three females, SweW-03 Yfenni from Belgium, Munchener Elektra from Australia and Kristall-Krone v Alt Herrenwyk from Germany. Three dogs has been to Australia, Altibo's Barre, Aust Ch Altibo's Dart and Aust Ch Altibo's Dakota.

I had a small breeding between 2000 and 2013 of p/s giant schnauzer. I have been blessed with fantastic puppy buyers who both x-ray and participate in the standardized behavioural test MH (Dog Mentality Assessment - DMA). Thank you all!! [ Litter statistic ]

The dogs I live with today are ArbaQ's Adrenalina and ArbaQ's La Toya, miniature schnauzer p/s, and Bomchicka's Galaxy of Andromeda, miniature pinscher. I'm planning for my first litter of miniature schnauzer in 2016.

Camilla Johansson
Korngatan 24
SE-733 38 SALA

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